Volleyball legend Eric Sato launches groundbreaking youth beach program

SAN MARCOS, California, February 21, 2020 – Clever indoor training helps beach athletes, according to all-time volleyball great Eric Sato.

SoCal Athletics, Inc., the non-profit organization teaming up with Sato, announced today that their new indoor beach volleyball program rolls out in March 2020.

The program details, up on the SoCal Beach website, outlines the year-round undisrupted training schedule for beginner to advanced players. In all cases, athletes benefit from controlled playing conditions. Allowing coaches and players to pinpoint and refine a precise skill before progressing to the next.

“Players need repetition to learn. Tinkering to see what works and doesn’t,” says Sato. “When training outdoors the wind and weather is unpredictable. No two reps are the same. Who gets better with 10,000 random reps?”

He adds, “Now put a kid in that situation. Gusts of wind moving the ball randomly. It’s discouraging. As a coach it’s my job to put my players in a position to be successful ‒ and for them to have fun along the way. Practicing in a controlled environment allows me to do that.”

With Sato’s approach, his players will be all smiles, gaining a handy leg up in an emerging sport with lucrative college scholarships.

“When it comes down to it, this is about growing the game,” proclaims Sato. “The best way to do that is to get kids playing, a lot, and loving it. So we’ve taken down the barriers. Families don’t like joining midway through a season ‒ so, no more seasons. Beach isn’t like indoor anyway. In beach volleyball players have choices with tournaments, so our program accommodates that. Join any time, take a break during your school season, come back. It’s up to you. Come try what we’re offering, I think you’ll appreciate the consistent training and flexibility.”

With hall of fame coach Eric Sato at the helm, SoCal Beach Training runs weekly starting March 3rd at 1601 San Elijo Road, San Marcos, California 92078. Schedule on the website. Register online prior to attending at beach.socalvbc.com.

Also happening at the SoCal Beach Center: open gym, third-party tournaments, and local institutions training such as Palomar College, University of St. Katherine, Classical Academy and San Marcos High School. For rental inquiries contact SoCal Athletics, Inc. at [email protected].